The annual gathering of Christ-Loving Crawlers and Trail enthusiasts from all around the U.S.!



Green Country Camp is a Christian ministry facility

which  desires to proclaim the name of Jesus Christ to the nations.  

That is our sole purpose.  

In keeping with our purpose, we expect our facility

to be used in a like-minded manner.

  • NO alcohol on the camp or in the dorm at any time.
  • NO smoking or vaping on the camp or in the dorm at any time.
  • We request that single adults respect the purpose of the facility and do not co-habitate with the opposite sex in an un-Christian manner.
  • **Pets are a $25 up-charge.**

Refusal to respect these requests will result in loss of future renting opportunities and potential loss of deposit.

Cabins vary in size.  

Each has two dorms and a meeting area w/a kitchenette.  

Most cabins are available.  Some are not.

$75/night for half a cabin (1 dorm) or $150/night full cabin (both dorms)

Click here for pictures of cabins. (Some are not available for the event)

General Admission cabin is available for singles or small groups.  $15/nt

Primitive camping is available for tents or popups. $20/group/rig

Showers are available in the GA cabin.

Limited full RV hookups $40/night

Rates do not include the $5/day/person camp use fee.

Motel rooms are booked through UCORA and not GCC.

A cash $100 deposit is due on the day of arrival and will be refunded upon complete inspection for cleaning and damages.  

These dorms are used on a weekly basis for camp ministries and must be treated as such.  Dorms are cleaned by the renter or relinquish the deposit for the camp to clean the dorm.

Check out will include an inspection of the area you are responsible for.

IF A CABIN IS SHARED, THE LAST RENTER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CLEANING OF THE MEETING AREA.  It is our recommendation that you get to know your cabin mates and work out an arrangement.

Click here to REQUEST lodging.  Confirmation will be made.